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Adobe Training Post 2024 Colour

Colour Trends for 2024

ColourDesign TrendsInDesign

What Colours Should We Expect to See Dominate this Year? Are you using InDesign to create engaging layouts? Or After Effects to animate motion graphics? Either way, colour plays a central role. Making colour choices in your design software of choice can be a daunting task. It always pays to plan ahead. Doing a little […]

Photoshop Gradients (Hero Image)

Photoshop CC 2020 is here!


Here’s our Top 3 Favourite Updates! 1. Improvements to Presets Photoshop has had a make-over when it comes to organisation and display, with the re-imagined Preset Panels. Navigating to the Application Menu and selecting any of the following from the Window Tab; Swatches, Gradients, Patterns, Shapes and Styles, you’ll now be met with a fantastically […]

Catalina doesn't support Adobe InDesign CS6 on macOS laptop

macOS Catalina doesn’t support InDesign CS6


Are you a Mac users still running CS6 and yet to subscribe to Adobe’s Creative Cloud? Be warned! The latest major release of Apple’s desktop operating system for Macintosh computers isn’t compatible with InDesign CS6. macOS Catalina is the successor to 2018’s macOS Mojave. Catalina fully ends support for 32-bit apps like InDesign CS6. So […]

InDesign Adjust Layout

InDesign CC: Adjust Layout


Have you ever created an InDesign Document, formatted everything, created master pages and picked your favourite styles, to only discover that you’ve been working in the wrong layout and page dimensions? Or how about that time the client changed their mind half way through and wanted the InDesign document to be in landscape instead? This […]

Adobe InDesign Properties Panel

Adobe InDesign CC: Properties Panel


Taking advantage of Adobe InDesign’s new Properties Panel Are you new to InDesign, a hobbyist or Adobe Certified? Are you frustrated with too many panels controlling characters, paragraphs and everything else needed to create neat documents? All you need is a simple UI, maybe an InDesign panel that displays all the basic properties of content […]

Adobe Colour Trends Image

Get Inspired with Adobe Color

ColourDesign Trends

How do you decide on what colours to use in your InDesign or Illustrator artwork? Do you sometimes struggle to find inspiration for a theme or colour range? Well, look no further… Previously known as Kuler, Adobe recently updated an old utility into a connected community, rebranding into what is now, Adobe Color. Adobe Color […]

Aaron Adobe Trainer

Welcome Aaron! Our New Melbourne Adobe Trainer


We are excited to welcome Aaron as one of our new Adobe trainers. Aaron is a qualified graphic designer (BA in Visual Communication Design) and concept artist working in Melbourne. He has almost 10 years experience using the Adobe suite. With a passion for photography, Aaron loves Adobe Photoshop. He is also proficient in training […]

New features in InDesign CC 2019

Our Favourite Adobe InDesign CC 2019 Updates


As many of you would already be aware, Adobe have recently updated InDesign with some fantastic new features. In this video we take a look at some of our favourite updates to InDesign CC2019. While there are a number of new updates we have chosen the five that we believe users will love: New Essential […]

Variable Fonts Image

Using Variable Fonts in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018


Variable fonts is a new technology that gives Photoshop users more formatting options. The idea behind variable fonts is to only have one font file but a large choice of options when customising the font. You can quickly change the weight, width and slant of variable fonts while only having to manage a single font file. I’ve made […]

Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 Properties Panel

Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 Properties Panel Update


Adobe have released a number of new updates for Illustrator in 2018. Over the next few weeks we will take a look at some of our favourites.  Probably one of the most significant updates is the introduction of Illustrator’s new Properties panel. This short video explores some of the key features of the panel. What […]