Engaging, informative and professional, I would not hesitate to recommend Short and Suite’s one-on-one Adobe Training to marketing professionals looking to fast-track their skills in the Adobe Creative Suite.

A huge thank-you to Short and Suite for your patience and willingness to tailor your course content to fit with my specific requirements. Now all that’s left to do is practice, practice, practice!

Christina M.


Due to my role at work encompassing new responsibilities, I recently completed Short and Suite’s Photoshop class for social media. I really liked the way the training was task focused, as opposed to just watching or taking notes. I definitely learnt a lot by completing each given task. By the end of the training I felt much more confident about my Photoshop skills. I can now work independently on projects at work. Short and Suite provides training with a difference. My trainer was great and was highly knowledgeable and thorough with his teaching. I would definitely recommend this course, as it really gives you important skills. I felt as though my time was valued – I felt comfortable asking questions and achieved a lot throughout the day. 

Jen V. E.
Anglicare Victoria

I had an array of choices when researching an InDesign course to further my digital design skills. I chose Short and Suite due to their experience in the industry and the detail and patience they took to answer all my questions. I learnt more in the two days than I thought manageable. The day after training I went to work and confidently opened InDesign and started making artwork. My manager and senior executives were so impressed in my ability after two days. Issues I come across occasionally are not a problem, as I can call or contact Short and Suite for help (not many people in the industry would dedicate their time like Short and Suite). Short and Suite’s professionalism and extensive design knowledge is perfect for any level you are at. I cant wait to book Short and Suite for my Illustrator course!

Jessica F.
SPS Corporation

As a marketer I needed to up-skill so that I could contribute effectively to my team. I had tried to create marketing collateral myself in Word and became increasingly frustrated. I knew needed InDesign for a professional presentation.

Up until now I have been outsourcing all my InDesign projects. This not only takes more time but is an expensive process.

I was initially concerned that I wouldn’t grasp all the concepts from the training. However my trainer moved at a very precise and considered pace that can only come from one-on-one training. I was shown how to set-up documents from scratch and the industry standards for creating marketing collateral.

I would highly recommend the training to anyone that is looking to start designing and editing marketing collateral. InDesign is such a great program. It really was so convenient having one-on-one training that can come to me. Three or four people had already recommended Short & Suite to me, so I felt confident I would get what I needed from the training.

Bianca B.
Victoria University

I’m a senior marketer and have been in the industry a long time. Times have changed and there is now an expectation on marketers to edit and even create marketing collateral.

Being able to amendment and change artwork in-house has been a great relief. In the past I’ve had assistants to help with this work but it’s a new era and I need to execute this work myself.

I chose to train with Short and Suite because I needed one-on-one training. I didn’t want to waste time and money training in a large group with content that wasn’t relevant for me. I needed tailored training that I could do when and where I wanted. I loved that I didn’t have to fit into a rigid schedule.

I’m no longer frustrated with the lag time that comes with outsourcing this work. I would highly recommend Short & Suite to both young marketers starting out and experienced marketers like myself that have a gap in their skill set. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get the skills you need to edit and create artwork for marketing.

Poppy K.
Head of Marketing, SchoolBiz

As head of marketing at a custom packaging company I need Adobe Illustrator skills so that I can create and edit print ready packaging documents.

The best part of training with Short & Suite was the content. The training was really easy to understand and highly relevant for projects that I would use on a daily basis. Because it was one-on-one the content was perfectly tailored for my needs.

Now that I have new Illustrator skills I am able to better manage and understand documents that people send to me. I can also troubleshoot when problems with the artwork arise. I can also create marketing collateral without needing an outside agency which will save a lot of time and money.

I would recommend training with Short & Suite to anyone who needs to quickly learn Illustrator in order to create artwork for packaging or marketing collateral.

Jessica C.
Head of Marketing, Star Packaging

I recently completed Illustrator and Photoshop training with Short and Suite.  I needed to do the training as I am required to create and edit marketing collateral as part of my new marketing role.

I really enjoyed the training. In particular I got a lot from building Illustrator and Photoshop files from scratch. The training was very practical and hands on.

I would recommend training with Short and Suite to anyone who is looking for tailored Adobe training. The training can be customised to your specific skill level and moves at your own pace.

I was able to work along with my trainer using my own material. This helped make the training more relevant for my particular requirements

Mia C.
Marketer - The Brotherhood of St Laurence

Engaging, informative and professional, I would not hesitate to recommend Short and Suite’s one-on-one Adobe Training to marketing professionals looking to fast-track their skills in the Adobe Creative Suite.

Over the duration of my training, my trainer delivered structured content specifically geared towards the ‘need-to-know’ marketing essentials. I can now create basic advertisements and collateral for both print and digital environments as well as execute changes to existing working files, eliminating my need to rely on a professional designer for smaller projects and changes.

A huge thank-you to Short and Suite for your patience and willingness to tailor your course content to fit with my specific requirements. Now all that’s left to do is practice, practice, practice!

Christina M.

The training offered by Short & Suite was tailored perfectly to fit my needs. As a marketing professional, Sean was able to provide me with InDesign methods, tips and best practice skills to keep me ahead in my industry. Short & Suite’s training has reduced the cost of A4e Australia’s external expenses by allowing me to learn insider tips on how to master InDesign for our print marketing collateral, rather than outsourcing to a graphic designer. Sean was incredibly personable and professional in his training, and kept me engaged throughout the entire session. I highly recommend Short & Suite to any marketing professionals who would like to add InDesign as a string to their bow.

Jade B.
PR Consultant

Sean has taught me the beginners course in Indesign and Photoshop. I found his approach to be very patient and understanding. I am now quite confident with the new skills that Sean has taught me. I plan on hiring Sean again in the future.

Aynsley P.
Administration Assistant

I have been taught by Sean on numerous occasions and found his teaching to be very clear and precise. He starts at the basics and works up to the more difficult and advanced skills. I recommend him as a tutor if you want basic knowledge or you hope to advance the skills you have already acquired.

Emily S.
Visual Merchandiser

We engaged Short & Suite because they offered to come to us for the training – this was very convenient. We enjoyed the tailoring, flexibility and adaptability of the training, so that the time we spent in the training was productive time – we learned what we needed to know for our particular work. The new tips and tricks have made us faster and more efficient at our work – the work quality has improved too. We feel more confident using InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Erin L.

I had the pleasure of Sean assisting me with fine tuning my skills within the Master Suite. Sean’s teaching methods within these programs are non-comparable. His ability to gauge his students needs during a course and then translate that into their training ‘on the fly’ provides an enjoyable and comfortable learning space at your level. I would highly recommend users of InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, whether you are just starting out or well into your career and needing a fine tune, contact Sean. You won’t regret it!

Jayde C.
Office Manager

Thank you for the introduction and my first lesson in Photoshop. I found it very enjoyable and the information explained well and put to me in a form that was easy to digest, especially since at that time of day I quite often suffer from information overload!! Thanks once again.

Durwin L.

Sean has taught me the basics of Illustrator and Photoshop concisely and logically. He has answered all questions I’ve had and pays attention ensuring that I really understand the processes to create certain looks and documents. Sean is a friendly and approachable teacher who I’ve enjoyed being taught by. I can now confidently complete new projects in Illustrator and Photoshop to use in my professional career.

Sheridyn K.
Visual Merchandiser

I have just completed my first full project in InDesign and it’s looking great if do say so myself! I can only improve with more practice, it’s actually a lot of fun. Many thanks again for empowering me with your training, so glad I found you!

Nicole F.
Event Stylist

Sean is a fantastic teacher. He taught me the skills for beginners Illustrator and Photoshop and now I am confident in using both programs for all my projects. Thanks Sean!

Valencia Y.
Visual Merchandiser