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If you are new to Acrobat Pro DC’s our lessons are designed for students who need to quickly grasp Acrobat’s essential tools. Our experienced trainers will guide you step-by-step, through industry standards for editing, creating, sharing and signing PDFs.
With Acrobat Pro DC, it’s easy to turn practically anything into a high-quality PDF. You will learn how Acrobat Pro DC with Document Cloud services is the most complete PDF solution for today’s multidevice world.
You can quickly separate or merge existing PDFs. Discover how to connect with clients or your team using Acrobat’s many tools. It’s there when and where you need it and makes working together easy on any device.
If you have existing PDF documents these can be included as part of your lesson plan. All content can be tailored for this class.

Main Topics

  • Converting Word, Excel and PowerPoint to PDF
  • Scanning and Printing to PDF
  • Creating PDFs from JPGs and other file types
  • Converting web pages to PDF
  • Merging files into PDFs
  • Splitting PDFs
  • Editing text PDFs
  • Review, comment and mark-up PDFs

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how to convert to PDF from almost any file type
  • How to edit in a non-linear workflow
  • Edit text and graphics in PDFs
  • Share, sign and return PDFs

What you Get

  • Face-to-face training; group or 1-2-1
  • Work on your own files or choose from our extensive library
  • Qualified trainers with many years industry experience
  • Printed Acrobat Pro DC reference guide
  • Two months online support
  • Money back guarantee
  • Optional on-site training

Lesson Options

Because everyone’s needs are different, we have Acrobat Pro DC lessons available in:

  • One day sessions
  • Two day sessions
  • Three day sessions
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The Kick Start ACROBAT PRO DC Training Pack is best suited to:

  1. Anyone who will be using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC weekly or more.
  2. People who are self taught and need to learn industry standards.
  3. Anyone who needs to create and edit PDFs.
  4. Those who are complete beginners or have some basic knowledge.
  5. Anyone who needs to review, share and sign PDFs.

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Ready to become a Acrobat Pro DC Pro? Enrol Today


Acrobat Pro DC

Acrobat Pro DC Workspace
Acrobat Pro DC’s available workspaces
Positioning moving, docking, collapsing and expanding panels
Working with the Menu Bar
Key areas of the Tool Bar
Using the Navigation and Task Panes

Acrobat Pro DC’s Essential Features for Beginners
Acrobat Pro overview: What is Acrobat Pro DC?
Where do PDFs come from?
Getting started with Acrobat Pro DC
Page display
Document Navigation
Creating a Custom Toolset

How to create PDFs from text and image files
Creating PDFs from Microsoft Word on Mac and PC
Creating PDFs from Microsoft Excel on Mac and PC
Creating PDFs from Microsoft PowerPoint on Mac and PC
Creating PDFs from JPG, PNG and GIF files on Mac and PC

How to create PDFs from other Adobe applications
Creating PDFs from InDesign
Creating PDFs from Illustrator
Creating PDFs from Photoshop

Searching PDFs
Using the find function
Searching using the Advanced Search feature

Creating PDFs from scans or print functions
Converting a scan to a searchable PDF
Creating a PDF from the File > Print function
Creating PDFs from text or image files
Converting highlighted areas of a PDF to a new PDF
Creating PDFs from your clipboard

Working with multi-page PDF documents
The Combining PDFs workspace
Inserting pages in a PDF
Replacing pages in a PDF
Rotating pages in a PDF
Extracting pages within a PDF
Splitting pages within a PDF
Adding headers and footers within a PDF
Adding a watermark to a PDF document

Editing the content of a PDF
Editing text within a PDF
Modifying images within a PDF
Attaching a file to a PDF
Adding hyperlinks and bookmarks to a PDF

Annotating and Reviewing PDFs
The Comments workspace
Adding a sticky note
Highlighting text
Underlining text
Adding a text box and inserting text
Drawing and erasing
Adding shapes
Collecting signatures

Working with forms in Acrobat Pro DC
Creating fillable text fields
Adding check boxes
Adding radio buttons
Creating drop down lists
Creating buttons
Distributing forms

Interactive PDFs
Using hyperlinks in your PDF
Adding video and audio to PDFs
Creating roll-over effect

PDF Security Settings
Choosing a security method
Redacting sensitive content
Restricting who can edit a PDF

PDFs and accessibility
Controlling reading order
Adding tags and alternate text
Checking a PDFs accessibility



Acrobat Pro Training

Schedule Acrobat Pro Training Today Through Short and Suite

Ramp up the productivity and speed of your staff with Acrobat Pro training in the Melbourne area. At Short and Suite, we can help. We are a business dedicated to providing useful, easy-to-understand Adobe software training to companies and their employees. If your team needs help with Adobe Acrobat DC—or any other program in the Adobe software suite, for that matter—count on us.

Why Acrobat Pro Training Is Cost-Effective?

Adobe Acrobat Professional training is worthwhile for virtually any business that uses Acrobat DC regularly, which is most modern businesses. Here are a few reasons that investing in this type of training can prove cost-effective and beneficial for your business:

  • Understanding of Acrobat Pro DC’s features: Acrobat Pro DC is a powerful software that folds in several different capabilities for PDFs. Creating, editing, sharing, reviewing, signing, requesting signatures, protecting, and customising PDFs are all things you can do with Acrobat Pro DC. These tools come in handy for so many different applications that understanding Acrobat Pro’s features and how to use them is a must for most professional teams or individuals.
  • Creating higher-quality PDFs: Acrobat Pro DC is often used to collect signatures for contracts and other paperwork. However, it can also be used to create white papers and other crucial customer-facing content for your business. Knowing how to use the software’s features—from file conversions to graphic editing capabilities—enables higher-quality PDF files for these purposes.
  • Less wasted time: Are your employees tired of having to Google ‘How do I do X in Acrobat Pro DC?’ every time they need help with the software? Giving your team a thorough Acrobat Professional training session will mean less wasted time, which will, in turn, allow for higher productivity across the board.

Why Trust Short and Suite Regarding Adobe Acrobat Training

Whether you need help with Acrobat Pro DC or are seeking out some other type of Adobe Acrobat training, you can trust Short and Suite to provide the assistance you need. Here are a few reasons to trust us for help with these needs:

  • Our knowledge of different parts of the Adobe suite: We live up to our brand name by understanding the full Adobe suite. Whether your needs relate to Pro DC, Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign, we know the software well and can teach you how to use it like a pro.
  • Our option for onsite training: One of the most frustrating components of setting up training courses for your employees is getting everyone where they need to be for the lessons. We simplify that part of the equation by offering convenient on-site training at your office.
  • Our ongoing support: Once your training session is over, that doesn’t mean you are on your own. On the contrary, we offer six months of online support and a money-back guarantee, to make sure you and your staff get what you expected out of the course.

About Short and Suite

At Short and Suite, we have been providing Adobe Acrobat course offerings to businesses and individuals throughout the Melbourne area for ten years. Our trainers, Sean and Aaron, are passionate tech enthusiasts and Adobe users who love helping others get the hang of these useful software programs. To learn more, or to arrange your Acrobat Pro training, contact us today.