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Adobe InDesign CC March 2018 Updates

Our Favourite Adobe InDesign Updates for March 2018


Adobe have just released some new updates for Adobe InDesign. While these updates aren’t groundbreaking they are helpful features that improve the user experience. This short video explores our favourites from the updates. What you will learn: InDesign’s updates to the New Document window How to filter and better search for fonts InDesign’s new paragraph […]

Space and fantasy images offer escapism

Trend Alert: Images 2018

Design TrendsPhotography

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.” – Robert Frank Trends in colour, branding and photography are often influenced by social, cultural and political events. 2017 saw the polarisation of many ideas and beliefs. This has resulted in image makers turning to politically charged imagery and taking a visual […]

Photoshop Clipping Masks

Photoshop Tip: Clipping Images Inside Text


One of the most common questions I get asked about using text in Photoshop is how to clip an image inside of text. In this short video we look at how you can quickly clip an image inside of text in Photoshop. The best part is once it has been clipped the text is still […]

Illustrator Pattern

Illustrator Tip: Polka Dot Pattern


Creating a polka dot pattern in Illustrator is a great way to introduce how to create a pattern swatch. This short video demonstrates how to create a simple tile that will be stepped and repeated when dragged into the swatches panel. There are four key steps to this workflow: Draw the artwork you would like […]

Trend Alert: Colour 2017

ColourDesign Trends

“Colours express the main psychic functions of humans” – Carl Jung Do you often struggle to decide on a colour palette for your design projects? Colour and colour psychology play an important role in communicating with your audience. Your colour choice can influence your audience both consciously and subconsciously. Mindfully choosing colour rather than intuitively playing […]

Photoshop Tip Blur Iris 1

Photoshop Tip: Shallow Depth of Field


Creating a shallow depth of field in your photos can be a great way to add drama or enhance the focal point of your photo. There are a number of ways to create a shallow depth of field. One of the easiest and quickest ways is using Photoshop’s Iris Blur filter. I love using this filter […]

Layout Trends

Top Five Layout Trends of 2015

Design TrendsInDesignLayout

“Good artists copy, great artists steal” – Pablo Picasso You can find inspiration for design almost everywhere. We are spoilt for choice – a blessing and a curse. While it can be tempting to draw inspiration from the latest design trends, you must always come back to your target audience. Will your direction inspire and engage […]

Top Five Font Trends

Design TrendsFontsTypography

Searching for a new font for an upcoming project? My clients often ask me what new fonts I would recommend. In all honesty I’m a stickler for the classics. I have a few classics that I always come back to and am often surprised at the new ways I can find to use them. That said, throwing a […]

InDesign Training Image

InDesign Training: Glyphs Panel


This short video introduces InDesign’s Glyphs Panel. This panel is handy if you ever forget the keyboard short for things like the copyright symbol or accents etc. You can also preview the vast selection of images and clipart available in typefaces such as Wingdings and Zapf Dingbats. These dingbat fonts render letters as a variety […]