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    Our After Effects CC courses are perfect for beginners who want to quickly grasp key tools and essential skills for creating motion graphics. You will learn how animators, designers and compositors use After Effects to create visual effects for film, TV, video and motion graphics for the web.
    The training will demonstrate how to create cinematic effects and titles. Your course can be tailored to show you how to animate titles, credits and lower thirds. Or you may want to start from scratch or with one of the animation presets available right inside the app. There are countless ways to make your text move with After Effects.
    Learn how you can take your idea and make it move. Animate a logo or a character or blur out a logo or make it explode. There are hundreds of effects to get just the look you want. You can make it snow or rain, add fog or combine videos to make composite videos.
    Use your existing Adobe knowledge to further customize your work in After Effects. The program works seamlessly with other Adobe apps. Create comps and immediately see how they look in Premiere Pro with Adobe Dynamic Link. Importing work from Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator can allow you to create more custom effects.
    All lessons for After Effects training can be customized to suite your training needs.

    Main Topics

    • Getting to know the After Effects workspace
    • Developing an efficient workflow
    • Working with effects and animations
    • Project management and trouble shooting
    • Saving, rendering and exporting for use in Premiere Pro

    Learning Outcomes

    • Understanding After Effects workflows
    • Animation techniques
    • Creating effects
    • Compositing techniques
    • Working between After Effects and Premiere Pro
    • Exporting and rendering files correctly

    What you Get

    • Face-to-face training; group or 1-2-1
    • Work on your own files or choose from our extensive library
    • Qualified trainers with many years industry experience
    • Printed After Effects CC reference notes
    • Two months online support
    • Money back guarantee
    • Optional on-site training

    Lesson Options

    Because everyone’s needs are different, we have Adobe After Effects Pro CC lessons available in:

    • One day sessions
    • Two day sessions
    • Three day sessions
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    1. Anyone who will be using Adobe After Effects CC weekly or more.
    2. People who are self taught and need to learn industry standards.
    3. Anyone who needs to animate or create effects using After Effects
    4. Those who are complete beginners or have some basic knowledge.
    5. Anyone in film, video and marketing who wants to take their work to the next level with After Effects.

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        Ready to become a After Effects CC Pro? Enrol Today


        After Effects CC

        Introduction to working with Adobe After Effects
        Essential concepts when working in After Effects CC
        Motion graphics and video terminology
        The limitations of After Effects CC
        Troubleshooting workflow issues

        Creating an efficient workflow
        Importing and organizing footage
        Create, arrange, and composite layers in a composition
        Modify and animate layer properties
        Modify and animate layer properties
        Previewing compositions
        Rendering and exporting

        Projects and compositions
        Creating and opening projects
        Template projects and example projects
        Saving projects in After Effects
        Understanding compositions
        Creating a composition
        Creating multiple compositions from multiple footage items
        Getting to know the Timeline panel

        Importing footage
        Importing and interpreting footage items
        Supported import formats
        Interpret footage items
        Setting the alpha channel interpretation for a footage item
        Setting the frame rate
        Pixel aspect ratio and frame aspect ratio

        Views and previews
        Previewing video and audio
        Configuring Preview behaviors
        Manually preview (scrub) video and audio
        Audio panel options

        Layers and properties
        Creating Layers
        Layers in the Layer, Composition, and Timeline panels
        Creating layers from footage items or changing layer source
        Solid-color layers and solid-color footage items
        Adjustment layers
        Creating a layer and new Photoshop footage item

        Animation and keyframes
        About animation, keyframes, and expressions
        The Graph Editor

        Color depth and high dynamic range color
        Setting the color depth and modifying color display settings
        Selecting a color or editing a gradient
        Color correction, color grading, and color adjustment
        Lumetri Scopes panel
        Color models and color spaces

        Drawing, painting, and paths
        Paint tools and paint strokes
        Brushes and the Brushes panel
        Paint with the Brush tool
        Clone Stamp tool
        Animating and editing paint strokes

        Transparency and compositing
        Compositing overview
        Compositing fog, smoke, and clouds
        Compositing fire, explosions, muzzle flashes

        Effects and animation presets
        Effect plug-ins
        Animating effects
        Render order
        Compound effects and control layers
        Effect Controls panel
        Effects and Presets panel
        Applying an effect or animation preset
        Animation preset list

        Creating composition markers
        Applying layer markers
        Scripts and utilities for working with markers

        Memory, storage, performance
        Improving performance before starting After Effects
        Improving performance by optimizing memory, cache, and multiprocessing settings
        Improving performance by simplifying your project

        Rendering and exporting
        Rendering and exporting with the Render Queue panel
        Pause or stop rendering
        Rendering and exporting with Adobe Media Encoder
        Supported output formats

        Expressions and automation
        Installing and loading plug-ins
        Third-party plug-ins included with After Effects



        How to Use Adobe After Effects

        Learn How to Use Adobe After Effects with Short and Suite

        Are you looking for a proficient, hands-on way to learn how to use Adobe After Effects? Sure, there are plenty of how-to tutorials online, but learning software such as After Effects is always easier in a hands-on, face-to-face training environment. At Short and Suite, we are proud to offer that type of training in the Melbourne area. Whether you are seeking out After Effects training for yourself or for an entire employee team, we can arrange the right learning strategy for you.

        About the Professionals at Short and Suite

        Adobe After Effects CC, of course, is a powerful application for creating visual effects, digital motion graphics, animations and other effects that come into play during the post-production process of filmmaking. These techniques are complicated can come with a significant learning curve. As such, when you choose an After Effects course in Melbourne, you want to be sure that you can trust the instructors to provide the insight and training you need. Here are a few details about Sean and Aaron, Short and Suite’s very qualified trainers:

        • They have been running Adobe training for ten years: Sean and Aaron have been providing After Effects training—and training for other Adobe software, such as InDesign and Photoshop—for ten years and counting. Their knowledge and experience in the world of Adobe software is second to none.
        • They tailor their training to suit the group or individual: Perhaps you have some basic experience with After Effects and just want to move to the next level. Maybe you are a beginner. No matter your experience level, Sean and Aaron will tailor a one, two or three-day course session to suit your specific needs.
        • They offer one-on-one training: Especially for individuals seeking out After Effects courses, it can be off-putting to think about going into a classroom environment with a bunch of random people. That’s not the kind of training we offer. Instead, Sean and Aaron work with students or groups individually. This more personal, on-demand course structure helps ensure that every customer receives the close attention and training they deserve.

        About Short and Suite’s Guarantee

        If a student or business sets up an ‘Introduction to After Effects’ course through Short and Suite, we want it to be as low-risk and high-reward an investment as possible. Here are a few of the things we do to guarantee satisfaction to our customers:

        • Money-back guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with your training or feel that you did not achieve the outcomes described, just let us know. We offer a money-back guarantee and will refund the cost of a course to unhappy or dissatisfied customers.
        • Ongoing support: We provide post-training support for six months after the end of your course. If you have a question about After Effects or need help troubleshooting an issue, just send us an email. We will get back to you as soon as we can to help.

        Click here to learn more about our terms and conditions.

        History of Short and Suite

        At Short and Suite, we have been helping customers in Melbourne learn how to use Adobe After Effects for more than a decade. In the not-so-distant future, we hope to open a new office in Sydney, expanding our reach even further. If you are interested in working with us, get in touch today.

        Are you in Sydney? We can come to you