Essential InDesign Content

InDesign Workspace
Resetting InDesign’s preferences
InDesign Application bar
Positioning moving, docking, collapsing and expanding panels
Rulers and Smart Guides
Hand & Zoom Tools
Navigator Panel

InDesign Essential Features
Toolbox overview
Additional tools
Control Panel display
InDesign screen modes
Zooming, panning and document navigation
Display performance
Viewing defaults / fit in window / actual size

Creating New Documents
Saving and opening documents
Facing pages
Inserting and deleting pages
Pages panel
Guides: Ruler, margin and column guides

Managing Pages
Changing page size
Inserting, deleting, and moving pages
Adding page numbering
Creating and applying InDesign master pages

Selecting and Formatting Objects
Selecting two or more objects
Selecting all objects
Creating frames
Rectangle Frame tool vs Rectangle tool
Strokes and fills
Group and ungroup
Duplicating objects
Nudging elements
Eye dropper tool

Moving & Resizing Objects
Rotating, Scaling & Transforming objects
Locking and unlocking objects
Selecting reference points on control panel
Using X & Y coordinates to position objects
InDesign stacking order / Send object to back or front
Alignment panel
Creating Lines
Adding arrow heads

Working with Images/Links
Image file formats
Importing Images
Understanding resolution
Links panel
Info panel
Modifying placed images
Fitting and resizing images proportionally
Display performance

Creating Text frames
Entering text
Selection processes – word / line / paragraph
Editing and formatting text
Kerning and Tracking
Character Formatting – font, size, bold, italic, superscript, subscript etc
Paragraph Formatting – alignment, space before / after, indents, etc
Rotating text
Fonts – serif & sans serif
Special characters – en & em dashes, non breaking spaces
Using the Glyphs panel
Check boxes
Importing text
Basic Shortcuts
Threading text frames

Working with Colour
Managing colour in InDesign
Creating color swatches
Creating gradient swatches

InDesign Paragraph Formatting
Applying formatting to a paragraph
Spanning a paragraph across multiple columns
Managing text hyphenation
Splitting a text frame into multiple columns
Using drop caps
Fine-tuning justified text

Working with Tables
Creating a table / inserting a table
Adjusting rows and columns
Formatting cell, row and column colour
Creating headers and footers

Using Styles in InDesign
Paragraph styles verses character styles
Creating and applying styles
Working with InDesign character styles
Working with InDesign object styles

Preparing for Print and Web
Exporting and packaging
Printing a document and print options
InDesign preflight panel

Troubleshooting and presets
Accessing objects behind other objects
Saving document presets
Turning Greeking off
Checking print resolution quality
Setting application & document preferences
Reverting, undo and re-do

InDesign Course

Learn How to Create Stunning Marketing with Our InDesign Course

Your business can benefit tremendously from your staff learning skills at our Adobe InDesign course. InDesign is an exceptional program with many powerful options. Even if you understand that it can help your business, you may not yet know the best way to achieve these benefits. Fortunately, there’s now an answer in our InDesign course in Melbourne. Keep reading below to learn more about how we can help your team master the potential of InDesign.

Background to Our InDesign Course Development

Our courses didn’t come into existence fully-formed. Instead, several components have gone into creating our training programs:

  • Ten Years’ Experience – The foundation of any effective training program is an extensive amount of experience. Beyond the program itself, there’s a pedagogy to instruction that each instructor must learn through direct experience. Our team is no different, and over their ten years, they’ve acquired exceptionally valuable experience. Based on this knowledge, they helped to design a highly-effective training course that they would like to share with your team.
  • Official Licenses – In addition to their extensive experience training numerous teams in Adobe software, our instructors also hold current licenses from Adobe. Thus, they are certified by the actual creators of the software to share sufficient and relevant knowledge regarding the product.
  • Familiarity in Training and Use – The best instructors are those who also use the software themselves. You can’t merely rely on earning a license or certification and letting your skills rest. Adobe consistently releases new updates to its software, so our instructors take the time to learn what each new patch brings.

What You Should Know about an Adobe InDesign Course

As you consider whether our courses are worth the investment, keep the following points in mind:

  • Our courses are private instruction given exclusively to the staff that you want to train. There are no outsiders or oversized classrooms. Instead, each attendee receives personalised attention. This attention allows our instructors to provide a uniquely powerful experience for them.
  • We run our courses in a friendly, relaxed style. Your team will feel right at home as we effectively review the best ways to use InDesign to help your business.
  • You can have our instructors come to your location. Your team may learn best in a familiar environment, so we come to you to provide education in the same settings where your team will use the knowledge they gain.

A History of Adobe InDesign Courses in Melbourne

For ten years, we’ve been refining Adobe training courses for all its software. We believe that businesses are underutilising these powerful programs, mostly due to unfamiliarity. Thus, we created our company to address this need. As growing businesses realise that they are missing out on the potential of InDesign and other Adobe programs, we step in to train their staff. The results of these courses can include higher productivity and significant gains for your business. Contact us to learn more about our classes or to schedule one on-site at your offices.

Are you in Sydney? We can come to you