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    Created for collaborative editorial workflows, InCopy delivers a complete solution to managing revisions and amendments. Working in sync with InDesign, InCopy can drastically reduce the number of amendments and corrections on projects designed using InDesign.
    The right InCopy workflow can greatly improve efficiency and collaboration between designers and editorial teams. This course is a well rounded introduction to the many benefits of the program.
    The lesson employs hands-on, real world tasks. Classes can incorporate live projects hosted on a server, allowing students to check work in and out, track changes, copyfit and output correctly.
    Learn how your revisions and proofing process will become streamlined with less margin for error.
    Designed for agencies, corporate teams and publishing, lessons can be delivered on-site or at our Collingwood studio.

    Main Topics

    • InCopy workflow set-up
    • Editing and formatting essentials
    • Collaborating with InDesign users
    • Project management and trouble shooting
    • Saving, exporting and printing

    Learning Outcomes

    • Understanding InCopy workflows
    • Text formatting skills
    • Tracking edits and amendments
    • Working between InDesign and InCopy
    • Output and export documents correctly

    What you Get

    • Face-to-face training; group or 1-2-1
    • Work on your own files or choose from our extensive library
    • Qualified trainers with many years industry experience
    • Printed InCopy CC reference notes
    • Two months online support
    • Money back guarantee
    • Optional on-site training

    Lesson Options

    Because everyone’s needs are different, we have Adobe InCopy Pro CC lessons available in:

    • Half day sessions
    • One day sessions
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    The Kick Start INCOPY CC Training Pack is best suited to:

    1. Anyone who will be using Adobe InCopy CC weekly or more.
    2. People who are self taught and need to learn industry standards.
    3. Anyone who needs to edit InDesign documents using InCopy.
    4. Those who are complete beginners or have some basic knowledge.
    5. Anyone in publishing who needs to work in a collaborative workflow.

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        Ready to become an InCopy CC Pro? Enrol Today


        InCopy CC

        Introduction to working between InCopy and InDesign
        Understanding linear and non-linear workflows
        Benefits to using InCopy
        Using the Assignment workflow
        Troubleshooting workflow issues

        Creating an efficient workflow
        Project setup for efficient InCopy workflows
        Working with stories, frames and layers
        Editing text in InCopy
        Exporting and completing projects in InDesign

        Using the InCopy interface
        Customising your interface
        Working with stories and views
        File viewing options

        Text editing essentials
        Layout view and editing in InCopy
        Using the story and gallery view for editing
        Importing text from Word
        Working with the Assignments panel
        Read-only layouts
        Formatting paragraphs locally
        Formatting characters locally
        Glyphs and special characters
        Copying formatting with eyedropper tool
        Applying paragraph styles
        Copyfitting text

        Additional tools
        Spell check and thesaurus
        Find/change tool
        Building text macros
        Inline notes

        Advanced text editing
        Working with footnotes
        Adding hyperlinks
        Managing tables in InCopy

        Tracking changes
        Set-up and customizing users for track changes
        Accepting and rejecting changes

        Inserting images into InCopy documents
        Replacing existing images
        Positioning images in the layout

        Standalone workflow
        New document set-up from scratch using InCopy
        Creating and editing InCopy templates
        Directly working with InCopy stories
        Working with Word files

        Exporting and printing
        Exporting with stories and galleries
        Exporting to PDF
        Exporting to RTF
        Printing directly from InCopy

        The InDesign user workflow
        Updating and editing files
        Exporting stories
        Inline notes
        Placing new InCopy files
        Assignments panel
        Closing projects

        The Layout based workflow vs the Assignment based workflow
        An overview of each worflow
        Updating and editing stories and designs in each workflow
        Best practices for both workflows
        Creating InDesign assignments
        Working with Assignments in InCopy
        Working locally
        Common pitfalls

        Remote workflows
        Working with Assignment packages
        Working with file transfer software
        Updating packages
        Packaging Assignments