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Retouch Pro

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    This introduction to Photoshop’s retouching tools is designed for students who need to retouch photos to a professional standard. You will be guided step-by-step through retouching techniques such as smoothing skin, fix blown out details, paint in a blue sky and remove unwanted objects from photos. Available 1-2-1, small groups and corporate. All content can be tailored for this class.

    Main Topics

    • Industry retouching workflow
    • Healing and clone tools
    • Non-destructive editing techniques
    • Using filters and adjustment layers
    • Saving Images and files formats

    Learning Outcomes

    • Understand industry standard retouching techniques
    • How to work non-destructively
    • How to enhance colour and texture
    • Obtain a quick and efficient workflow

    What you Get

    • Face-to-face training; group or 1-2-1
    • Work on own files or choose from our extensive library
    • Qualified trainers with many years industry experience
    • 30 page Adobe reference guide
    • Optional subscription to video tutorial
    • Optional on-site training

    Lesson Options

    Because everyone’s needs are different, we have Retouch Pro lessons available in:

    • One day sessions
    • Two day sessions
    • Three day sessions
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    The Retouch Photoshop Training Pack is best suited to:

    1. Anyone who will be using Adobe Photoshop weekly or more.
    2. People who are self taught and need to learn industry standards.
    3. Anyone who needs retouching skills for product shots.
    4. People who need to retouch and manipulate images to industry standards.
    5. Anyone who regularly retouches portraits or lifestyle shot.

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        Ready to become a Photoshop Pro? Enrol Today


        Retouch Pro

        Photoshop Workspace
        Bitmap theory
        Photoshop Control Panel
        Status Bar

        Panels and Docking
        Panels & Working Documents
        Hand & Zoom Tools
        Navigator Panel

        Image Size & Resolution
        Canvas Size
        Photoshop History Panel

        Image Modes & Colour
        Color Picker
        Color & Swatch Panels
        Photoshop Info Panel

        Understanding Photoshop selection techniques
        Marquee Selection Tools
        Lasso, Wand, Quick Selection Tools
        Select Menu & Transforming Selections

        Essential Retouching Techniques
        Industry Secrets to Photoshop Retouching
        Photoshop Clone Tool
        Healing Brush Tool
        Working with Photoshop Adjustment Layers
        Setting the Contrast
        Defining an over all colour

        Retouching Techniques for Face Shots
        Working with Photoshop Layer Masks
        Skin correction using masks
        Enhancing features
        Softening features
        Sharpening eyes
        Enhancing hair

        Retouching Techniques for Product Photography
        Sharpening Images
        Colour Correction
        Exposure Correction
        Cleaning up images

        Saving Images and Photoshop Files Formats
        Saving Images
        Saving for Web Application
        Correct file formats for print