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Kick Start

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Quickly gain the skills you need to start creating Illustrator documents with this starter pack. You will be guided step-by-step through industry standards for creating Illustrator artwork. Whether you need Illustrator for marketing collateral, fashion illustration or logo design this training pack is the perfect kick start Available 1-2-1, small groups and corporate. All content can be tailored for this class.

Main Topics

  • Document set-up
  • Building shapes
  • Drawing tools
  • Working with groups and layers
  • Saving and printing

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand industry standard illustration techniques
  • Draw artwork from scratch
  • Working with text
  • Output your documents correctly for web and print

What you Get

  • Face-to-face training; group or 1-2-1
  • Work on own files or choose from our extensive library
  • Qualified trainers with many years industry experience
  • 30 page Adobe reference guide
  • Optional subscription to video tutorial
  • Optional on-site training

Lesson Options

Because everyone’s needs are different, we have Kick Start lessons available in:

  • One day sessions
  • Two day sessions
  • Three day sessions
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The Kick Start Illustrator Training Pack is best suited to:

  1. Anyone who will be using Adobe Illustrator weekly or more.
  2. People who are self taught and need to learn industry standards.
  3. Anyone who needs to create and edit basic vector illustrations.
  4. Those who are complete beginners or have some basic knowledge.
  5. Anyone who needs to work on Illustrator files supplied by a graphic designer.

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Enquire Now

Ready to become a Illustrator Pro? Enrol Today


Kick Start

Illustrator Workspace
Document setup
Using multiple artboards
Illustrator Control panel
Navigating within a document
Utilising the bounding box
Guides and grids
Preview and Outline modes
Saving Illustrator workspaces

Selecting Objects in Illustrator
Using Illustrator’s basic selection tools
Selecting objects
Selecting anchor points

Creating and Editing Text
Creating area text / text frames
Formatting character and paragraph text
Creating text outlines

Creating Shapes
Creating vector shapes in Illustrator
Illustrator pen tool
Creating compound paths
Creating compound shapes
Using the Shape Builder tool
Using Pathfinder functions
Blob Brush and Eraser tools
Creating compound shapes
Illustrator pathfinder functions

Illustrator Groups and Layers
The importance of using layers in Illustrator
Creating and editing groups
Group attributes
Understanding Illustrator’s Layers panel

Applying colors
Creating solid color swatches
Working with linear gradient fills

Transforming Objects
Moving and copying objects
Scaling objects
Rotating objects
Aligning objects

Working with Photoshop files in Illustrator
Importing Photoshop Images
Placing Photoshop images
Using the Links panel
Resolution settings in Illustrator

Clipping Masks in Illustrator
Working with Masks
Cropping photographs
Clipping artwork with masks
Clipping the contents of a layer
Defining masks with soft edges

Saving and Printing
Saving your Illustrator document
Illustrator file formats
Printing your document
Preparing your files for the Web