Composite Pro Pack

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Composite Pro

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    Create eye popping graphics like those used in advertising. Learn how the industry pros use Photoshop to blend multiple images to create scenes. Available 1-2-1, small groups and corporate. All content can be tailored for this class.

    Main Topics

    • Checking document size and resolution
    • Selecting and refining objects
    • Essential masking techniques
    • Removing and replacing backgrounds
    • Merging images

    Learning Outcomes

    • Understand industry standard deep etching techniques
    • How to refine edges
    • How to seamlessly blend images
    • How to use masks

    What you Get

    • Face-to-face training; group or 1-2-1
    • Work on own files or choose from our extensive library
    • Qualified trainers with many years industry experience
    • 30 page Adobe reference guide
    • Optional subscription to video tutorial
    • Optional on-site training

    Lesson Options

    Because everyone’s needs are different, we have Composite Pro lessons available in:

    • One day sessions
    • Two day sessions
    • Three day sessions
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    The Composite Pro Photoshop Training Pack is best suited to:

    1. Anyone who uses Adobe Photoshop for creative concepts and advertising photography.
    2. People who are self taught and need to learn industry standards.
    3. Anyone who needs to blend and enhance images.
    4. People who regularly present creative concepts.
    5. Anyone who needs to merge multiple images to industry standards.

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        Ready to become a Photoshop Pro? Enrol Today


        Composite Pro

        Photoshop Workspace
        Bitmap theory
        Photoshop Control Panel
        Status Bar

        Panels, Docking & Workspaces
        Panels & Working Documents
        Hand & Zoom Tools
        Navigator Panel

        Image Size & Resolution
        Canvas Size
        Photoshop History Panel

        Image Modes & Colour
        Color Picker
        Color & Swatch Panels
        Photoshop Info Panel

        Photoshop Setup for Compositing
        RGB Colour Mode
        Setting up your workspace
        Document setup and resolution for different social media sites
        Creating banners, ads and updates

        Understanding Photoshop selection techniques
        Marquee Selection Tools
        Lasso, Wand, Quick Selection Tools

        Photoshop Bezier Pen Tool
        Creating Paths in Photoshop
        Editing Paths; adding and deleting anchor points
        Saving paths
        Converting paths to a selection

        Photoshop Masking Techniques
        Setting up your workspace for masking
        Using the Refine Edge Tool for creating Masks
        Document setup and resolution for web

        Using Channels to Create Masks
        Deep etching subjects with fly away hair
        Saving channel/alpha masks

        Working with Layers
        Creating a new layer
        Deleting Layers
        Layer Blending Modes
        Merging Layers
        Grouping Layers
        Layer Opacity

        Replacing the background behind a subject
        Blending multiple images together
        Changing the scale of the subject
        Adding realistic shadows
        Refining and applying the finishing touches

        Replacing the Sky in an Image
        Using masking techniques to blend to imagers
        Filling a sky with blue
        Adding clouds to a sky
        Removing unwanted objects form the sky

        Compositing Lighting Techniques
        Matching the lighting between two images
        Making colour and tone adjustment

        Compositing for Architectural Photographs
        Masking for multiple exposures
        Combining interior and exterior exposures
        Using light for dramatic effects
        Correcting overexposure

        Essential Filters
        Sharpening Images for Web
        Dust and Scratches Filter
        Blur Filter

        Saving for Print and Web
        Saving for web
        Managing Type for web